Who We Are

Jackie Bertolette, Director at DMSM owns and operates multiple companies within the fashion industry. Links below:
Decades of experience in the fashion industry as an Editorial Photographer, Fashion Designer of her own brand, RJ Luna Haute Clothier and now Editor of Haute Ohio Magazine have perfectly positioned our Director,  Jackie Bertolette to identify potential talent and help launch the careers of young and aspiring models.
Haute Ohio Magazine
RJ Luna Haute Clothier


Jacqueline J Photographic Arts
Countless number of new models have looked to Jackie to teach them "the ropes" of the fashion industry. Now, she puts her expertise & knowledge to work for you!

She will explain how to get started in this industry and teach you how to become a model. You will learn how to become a graceful chamelion who is ready to shoot an array of concepts from straight forward to high fashion and Avant Garde.

Learn to walk the runway and perfect your signature walk. Learn how to stay focused in the midst of the back stage chaos during a show. Learn the expectations of the Designers and Producers. Learn the specific functions of professional vocations in the industry and discover the difference between a Hair Stylist, Photo Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist and an Art Director, Creative Director, Set Director and more.

DMSM will walk you through the true investments that need to be made and educate you on investments that are futile. We will arrange for the test shooting and several photo shoots (as needed) to create a well rounded portfolio and comp card.  We will design and print these marketing pieces for you and will show you how to submit to publications, castings and be prepared for "Go-Sees".

DMSM will prepare you to be ready to walk into any of big league agency and offer yourself confidently as an experienced, serious and prepared Fashion Model.

What Is Our Process?

In short, DMSM offers development services on a bill per product/service basis along with a residual/royalties percentage of our client's current and future earnings. We will provide one test shoot, design services for your self promotion materials and the coaching and mentoring services stated above. You will be expected to make payment at time of delivery for production of physical materials (comp cards, etc.), pay market rates for Photographer and HMUA (when applicable) and any other incurred costs in performing photo shoot(s) beyond a first test shoot, pay fees for any worskhops/classes/etc., cover Client's own transportation and lodging costs to, from and for industry engagements, etc.  Model will agree to an ongoing percentage of earnings to DMSM as compensation for the services. etc. provided at no cost to the Model during career development. All terms are mutaully agreed upon before services begin.